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Express Media carries a wide selection of professional audio equipment for standalone use, or with pro video applications. From wireless microphones, stereo mics. and boom packages to surround sound mixing and AES/EBU converters, we have what you need to record perfect audio for your video projects.

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Professional audio products for large and small projects

Shure UR1 UHF wireless lav. mic.
Shure UR2/SM-58 UHF wireless handheld mic.
Shure UR5 portable wireless mic. receiver
Shure UR4D+ dual-channel wireless mic. receiver
Sony UWP-V1/V6 UHF wireless lav. mic. / XLR kit
Lectrosonics UCR-195 UHF wireless lav. mic.
Sanken COS-11D lav. mic.
Tram TR-50 lav. mic.
Sony ECM-55 lav. mic.
Schoeps CMC4/MK41 supercardioid mic. kit
Sennheiser K6/ME-66 supercardioid short shotgun mic. kit
Sennheiser K6/ME-67 supercardioid shotgun mic. kit
Sony ECM-959A stereo mic.
Sennheiser ME-20/40/80 mic. kit
Shure SM-58 unidirectional cardioid mic.
Shure SM-57 unidirectional mic.
Shure BG 3.1 cardioid mic.
EV RE-15 omnidirectional mic.
Crown PZM-180 PZM mic.
LTM fishpole/Rycote zeppelin/windjammer

Audio Mixers and Distribution
Yamaha QL-5 32/64 channel digital audio mixer w/ software, accessories
Presonus 16.4.2 16 channel digital audio mixer w/ software, accessories
Mackie CR-1604 16×2 mixer w/ XLR-10 module
Shure FP-42 4×2 mixer
Shure FP-33a 3×2 field mixer
Shure FP-16 1×6 ADA
Aphex 120B 1×4 ADA

PA Speakers
JBL EON-615 15″ powered loudspeakers w/ stands
JBL LSR-305 powered studio monitors
Anchor AN-256 powered speakers w/ stands
Anchor AN-100 powered desktop speakers

Audio Recorders and Smart Slates
Zoom H4N 4-track digital recorder
Panasonic SV-3700 DAT recorder
Teac A-3340 4-channel analog recorder
Denecke TS-1 time code slate

Audio Conversion
GVG M9402 A-D audio converters
GVG M9401 D-A audio converters

Audio Accessories
Alesis 3630 compressor / limiter
Alesis MEQ-230 graphic equalizer
Sony MDR-7506 studio headphones

Clearcom Tempest 900 UHF wireless 4-channel intercom system
Telex RadioCom BTR-200 VHF highband wireless intercom system
Clearcom LQ-2W2 intercom-over-IP converters
Telos Link intercom-to-telco converter
JK Audio auto hybrid telephone interface
Lectrosonics UHF IFB package (long range, broadcast)
Telex RadioCom VHF IFB package (short range, industrial)
Clearcom MS-222 2-ch base station w/ headset
Clearcom headsets / beltpacks

SFX / Electronic Music
Roland TD-25K electronic drum kit
Simmons SD5K electronic drum kit