We separate ourselves from our competitors by offering complete end-to-end webcasting services, using our state-of-the-art mobile production packages on the front end to deliver stunning content to redundant onsite encoders.

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If you’re interested in HD webcasting, you’ll want to check out our Live webcasting systems from Elemental and Digital Rapids.

The Elemental Live is the industry standard encoder for webcasting; Digital Rapids’ StreamZHD Live ABR is one of the best high-performance Adaptive Bit Rate streaming systems. Both encoder models stream live HD and SD content at unparalleled quality for delivery through the latest generation of adaptive streaming technologies.

All of our encoders create multiple output streams at varying bit rates and resolutions from the input source. As the content is delivered, the chosen adaptive delivery technology automatically switches between streams to deliver the best possible quality based on the viewer’s current network and local system conditions. The results are consistent, uninterrupted viewing experiences even under changing network connectivity and playback conditions.

Stream to one of our CDNs or to a CDN of your choice. We offer full consultation, preproduction, and technical support before, during, and after every webcast.