Conversion / Specialties

Express Media rents a large variety of high-definition specialty items and terminal equipment used for signal processing and video conversion including wireless transmitter/receivers, HD scan converters, standards converters, tri-level sync generators, and other test/measurement equipment.

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Scan conversion, test/measure equipment, and signal processing

Scan Converters

Barco ImagePro 4K up / down / cross converter w/ audio
For-A FA-9600 4K / 3G HDR up / down / cross converter
Aja FS-4 4K / 3G up / down / cross converter
Barco ImagePro II HD 3G scan converter w/ audio (and dual outputs)
Aja FS-2 dual-channel HD / 3G frame synchronizer and converter
Newtek VS-100 TalkShow 2-way Skype interface
Folsom Research ImagePRO-HD scan converter (w/ HDSDI output)
GVG ADVC-G1 HD scan converter (w/ HDSDI output)
Teranex 2D HD scan converter (w/ HDSDI output)

ABonAir 5 GHz high-gain wireless 3G/HD transceiver package
LiveU LU200 bonded cel/wifi transceiver package
Teradek BEAM 5 Ghz wireless 3G/HD transceiver package
Decade FM-850 FM radio transmitter

Waveform Monitors / Vectorscopes
Tektronix WFM-5200 3G/HD waveform / vectorscope
Harris / Videotek VTM-4100 HD waveform / vectorscope
Leader LV-5330 Multiformat HD waveform / vectorscope
Harris / Videotek VTM-821D SDI waveform / vectorscope
Tektronix WFM-300 component waveform / vectorscope
Tektronix 1750 CAV waveform / vectorscope

Closed Captioning
EEG HD492 iCap closed captioning encoder with Lexi software

Terminal Gear & Accessories
Camplex Tac-4 fiber optic cable
AJA FiDO 4K fiber converters
AJA FiDO 3G/HD fiber converters
Haivision Makito X 3G/HD encoders / decoders
Evertz 5600 MSC HD sync/test generator
Leitch X75 HD Digital Processing Synchronizer
Ensemble Designs BrightEye 43 HD / SD / ASI DA
Kramer 1X10 HDSDI DA
AJA AMA audio embedder/disembedders
AJA HI5-4K 4K HDSDI to 4K HDMI converter
AJA HI5 HDSDI to HDMI converter
Blackmagic Design HD/SD Up/Down/Cross converter
Blackmagic Design HD analog to HDSDI converter
Decimator Design DMON-12S 12-channel SDI multi-viewer
Decimator Design MD-QUAD 4-channel SDI multi-viewer
NTI SplitMux 4-channel HDMI multi-viewer
Expert Connect 1×2 HDMI splitters
Videotek VSG-10 PAL/NTSC blackburst generator
Sigma VDA-100A NTSC distribution amplifier

Gefen UHD600A 8 x 8 HDMI router w/ remote
Harris / Leitch Panacea Cleanswitch 16 x 2 HDSDI video router w/ CP
Aja KUMO 32 x 32 3G/HD router w/ CP
Aja KUMO 16 x 16 3G/HD router w/ CP
Aja KUMO 16 x 4 3G/HD router w/ CP