Express Media features ENG lighting packages from Arri, Kino Flo, F&V, Frezzi, and Litepanels. Compact for transport, and perfect for interviews and small venue lighting. Packages come with everything you need to successfully light your set!
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Professional lighting products for video and film projects

Kino Flo 4 bank kit, highly portable for location, True Match Lamps for accurate color rendition
F&V 3-light bi-color kit, w/ dimmable, variable color-temperature 1′ x 1′ LED panels
Litepanels Croma 3-light LED light package w/ dimmers, and variable color-temperature controls
Arri 5-light tungsten kits including (1) 750w open face, (2) 650w fresnel, and (2) 150w fresnel
Arri 4-light tungsten kits including (1) 1K open face w/Chimera, (2) 650w fresnel, and (1) 300w fresnel
Arri 3-light tungsten kits including Chimera
Barger Light 3K open face light w/ stand, accessories
Litepanels on-camera LED lights
Frezzi on-camera lights
Anton-Bauer Ultralight

Dynaphos Twistflex 5′ x 7′ Chromakey backdrop (blue or green)
Matthews Mini Grip package, with assorted flags, stands, and expendables
Magliner production carts